Help From Beyond

As I was organizing the family room during a dream last night, my late mother-in-law walked into the room.

“What are you doing?”

I stopped briefly to take in what was going on. Jan passed away five years ago after a battle with lung cancer. “Just going through your silver service and our silverware,” I said. It’s stored all over the place down here.”

Most of it was hers – stuff she’d purchased when she was alive.

“I have a platter we can store that on,” she said. She walked into the kitchen to dig it out. Not long after, Sherry walked downstairs. She looked into the kitchen towards the noise being made, saw her Mom, then looked at me wide-eyed. I nodded and leveled my hands palms-down to signal ‘stay cool.’

“Sherry, your Mom is helping us organize her silver service.”

Sherry acknowledged what was going on and voiced “Oh I get it” silently to me. “Mom are you going to use that platter that you’ve had since I was little?”

Jan dug it out and brought it over. “Yep. We can put it all on this.”

We took all the silverware from the different boxes and drawers, then placed them all on the tray. While Sherry and Jan talked I placed the tray on a shelf, in a way that would display the beautiful silver Jan owned during her life.

For some reason my dream control was really strong.. It hardly ever is, and I rarely know I’m dreaming when I am. This time, I knew it was a dream and I knew my mother-in-law was a ghost in that dream. The most interesting things in the whole experience were that I wasn’t scared about the unknown, and that everything she touched was something she would have known in life. She handled nothing we acquired after her passing, and her presence there didn’t seem out of the ordinary.

It just felt like another September day in 2008 when she was still with us.