Keep Trying


Nearly each day this young girl rolls into the school cafeteria, on her way towards the breakfast line.

She arrives after most kids have gotten their food. Her arrival time at school already puts her at a disadvantage for getting breakfast and then getting to class on time. Still, she pushes on towards the pay station. Rolling, pulling her hands back, gripping the wheels and pushing forward again in a curvy line.

She moves slowly, and with hard determination.

The clock rotates closer to class time. Kids are done. Kids are leaving. She continues undaunted. Rolling slowly and ever closer. She doesn’t give up, putting as much effort into her destination as many of us put into the toughest jobs. She helps herself despite being in a chair. Despite being slow. Despite being late. There will be no time for her to eat once she gets there. But nothing in the world stops her from focusing hard on that pay station.

Then, as she is almost there, her teacher appears out of nowhere with a stack of breakfasts and a firm grip for her chair handle.

They roll together towards class, goals united and success as a team. The girl’s hard effort mixed with the compassion and planning of a teacher. In a photo like this which may seem meaningless at first, there can be a message if it’s viewed long enough. After thinking about what I see this girl do every day, and that magic teacher who appears out of nowhere, the message to me was clear:

Keep trying, and have someone’s back when trying isn’t enough.


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