Wedding Day 640

One August afternoon my future walked through the apartment slider in Pullman WA, looking for my roommate.  On that day we hung out, had dinner, and went to see Dirty Harry in The Dead Pool.  After four months as friends we began dating.  Two weeks later we got engaged.  In a bar.  Ten months later we were married in Seattle.

That was 25 years ago today.

I have now known the stunning Mrs. Clark longer than I haven’t known the stunning Mrs. Clark.  On 30 December 1989 we were two college students with uncertain futures.  The notion that our marriage would work as a certain process flew threw the window quickly after, as we found out life threw curve balls at predictability.  We figured out ways around the strikes.  In the last 25 years we’ve done and seen some amazing things.  Together.  We’ve weathered many storms. Together.  We’ve loved, we’ve lost, we’ve been on different sides of the coin.

And we’re still together.

With each passing year we discover new things about each other.  And we keep growing in our relationship with one expectation: That we will be together.  I’m not afraid to admit that it has taken me over two decades to figure out some of Sherry’s inner workings.  I’m not done figuring either.  And she will be quick to tell you that she doesn’t know why my brain works the way it does.  But we continue to back each other up.


I’ve learned from her strengths in organization and practicality.  She is always very fastidious about the details of her wardrobe.  And her glorious hair.  I love hearing her sing, and play all the different strings instruments that she’s learned over the years. And I love capturing her on camera in a huge way.  No one smiles bigger, laughs harder, or leads better than the stunning Mrs. Clark.

Sherry, I will follow you to the ends of the Earth – even if it takes another 25 years.  We’ll get there.  Together. I love you so very much 🙂



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