Elton John – Funeral For A Friend (1973)

In early 1974, I was nine years old when this song was performed through dance during a talent show – at the Shoreline High School theater.

While I had heard the song before, it only began registering with me after seeing the work embellished on stage. The lights, the smoke, the sound, the movements of the dancers actually frightened me to the point of crying and nestled in the side of my older sister. The entire performance was filled with emotion and energy.

And watching it left a mark on me that would last decades.

Since then I have owned countless copies of the double album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. I know every note, lyric, image, click, pop, and nuance. Of all the examples I’ve owned, only one has been a CD (and I didn’t like it). Part of the album’s experience is how it is split into four sides of a double album set. Oddly, I prefer it on vinyl. In my mind, it is truly a classic work in the world of Rock – and one that shares its true nature through playing it on LP.

And while it scared me as a nine-year old, and I now treasure that memory as part of what got me listening in the first place.


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