Work This Thing

“Listen to me Keppler…we’re moving on this thing right now. No time to look for another act. Why? Because Hootie and The Blowfish only crosses paths with The Gin Blossoms once on a tour in like a gazillion years. The hall size is right, the crowd will be there. The bowl is gonna be full of lettuce when the concert’s over, I’m telling you. Come on man…work this thing and get Darius up here.

What? No! Hell no! STP’s out. I’ve had enough of their drama; caught that SOB Weiland shooting Horse with my daughter. AGAIN. He’ll never sing in this town again if I have anything to say about it. Get me the Blowfish, you hear me? They’re clean. Chicks like `em. They don’t shoot Horse with my daughter. Just get them. Look, I’m stuck in traffic and this car phone is making my ear so hot that it needs A-1 Sauce.

Gotta go. I’m out.”


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