David’s Nose


“It wasn’t a Pea,” the doctor declared as she emerged from the operating room.

In April 2004 the stunning Mrs. Sherry Lillywhite Clark and I noticed David had a runny nose that wouldn’t go away. After a while it was clear that the condition was upsetting his nasal passage on one side. I looked in; deep down I saw something that looked vaguely like a vegetable. He had put things there a couple times before, but this one we couldn’t get out. We made an appointment with the pediatrician’s office, and David was brought into have one of the doctors perform an extraction.

But David had another idea.

He was too wiggly for the old pro to take care of what was inside his nose. The inner lining of his little nose even got punctured, because two nurses and a doctor weren’t capable of keeping him still. Eventually the doctor threw up his hands – literally, hands in air – and said, “I can’t do this.” An operation, he proclaimed, would be the only way to remove the obstruction. Mister Wigglesworth had to be put under to get rid of it. A day or two later, the operating room doctor smiled as she described what was found in David’s nose.

“I found a folded up piece of fabric in there,” she exclaimed. “He’ll be fine. I didn’t keep it for you.”


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