Miracles Through Determination

David Fun Dips July 2011

On July 3rd 2011, David asked for candy all day long.

Never mind that we had candy; he wanted nothing to do with the sweets that the stunning Mrs. Clark had packed for our camping trip. No, his request was specific: Fun Dips – the candy sticks that you lick and then dip in pure sugar.

He badgered us all afternoon, but never got his Fun Dips.

Later in the day Sherry noticed an Easter Egg under the tree next to our tent at the camp site; the KOA conducts egg hunts at Easter time so it’s not a surprise to see a few stragglers. David picked up the egg and inside he found a dollar. My thought is that he would have packed it away, but David had a better idea.

He headed to the clubhouse and got Fun Dips.

He wore a green sticky sugar smile for some time afterwards. There is something to be said for determination!


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