Christmas 1972 Photo Brings Many Memories


One photo, so many memories. Scanned this slide from Christmas 1972, showing sister Karen sporting her killer Poncho. My suit jacket was shinier than Wayne Newton’s Atomic White Teeth.

I love the hand-made Wise Men statues and the wicker chair in the background.

This was taken at our home in Preston WA, which is east of Seattle on I-90 by 20-odd miles. The Christmas ornaments were styrofoam balls covered with shiny threads that ran from top to bottom all the way around. They actually looked pretty cool. On the mantle are 1972-73 school pictures, plus art pieces from Alaska, Japan, and Africa.

Looking closer at the photo I see something that triggered a lot of memories from that time. Below the mantle is the console TV where I watched the ABC 6 O’Clock News with Harry Reasoner and Howard K. Smith; they are still the image of network nightly news in my mind. I have vivid TV memories from the time, of black & white news footage showing B-52s dropping bombs – payload after payload. I also remember the network would tally up the daily death and injury tolls from Vietnam at the end of the broadcast. Being eight-years old, I didn’t really have a grasp on what the war was all about. I just knew it was a sad part of the news. One day I asked my Mom why it seemed like the injured numbers were always higher than the numbers of those who died. She just shook her head and never answered. I suppose she didn’t know how to answer a 2nd grader’s question, but was probably disgusted that either one was happening or reported for all to see.

I can understand that now as an adult.

On January 27, 1973 – roughly a month from the time this picture was taken – I was playing in the backyard. My Dad walked quietly across the street to the church and rang the steeple bell several times, to mark a Cease Fire in the Vietnam War.


One thought on “Christmas 1972 Photo Brings Many Memories

  1. Kurt, another great story, memory. That poncho is awesome, and you rock in your suit jacket. Did Mom cut your hair or just your bangs? 😉 That chair is stellar, would be in style now–timeless classic. Your parents took good care of you and your sister.

    Interesting note about the deaths from the war… I wonder how many would sit up and notice if the number of babies aborted each day was reported every evening on the news? Oh wait, we aren’t supposed to talk about that… shhhh…

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