Long Lasting Art Supplies

20131211_082725_Lake Dr

So I bought an assortment of Tombo brush pens back between 1995 and 1997. They are actually combo pens: brush on one side and stubby pen tip on the other.  Very versatile, very colorful.  I used them heavily for a couple years and then stashed them. A week ago I found them in a drawer and thought to myself, “These might come in handy for the postcards I draw.” But after nearly two decades would they work?

Yep…they do!

I almost didn’t believe when I saw the color flowing off the brush like I have purchased them yesterday.  With all the dried-up ballpoint pens I have laying around the house, it’s sure nice to have some quality art gear.  Is this a thumbs up for Tombo art pens?

Yep…sure is!


One thought on “Long Lasting Art Supplies

  1. Good to know. I’m amazed at some of the craft paints I bought around the same time you got your pens that are still usable… And to be honest, are better quality than what is sold today.

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