Posterous Closed on April 30th




In 2009 I began to use Posterous to blog pictures and share them to several sources.

It was a great platform, allowing me – from work – to post pictures on Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter in one fell swoop by simply sending an email. This was cool, because Twitter and FB are blocked on my office network. Almost two years ago Twitter bought Posterous, and I suspected changes would be coming down the road. But I didn’t expect they would close the platform.

That’s exactly what happened April 30th.

Not only did they close up shop and get absorbed into Twitter, but the the blogs aren’t even available in archived form. I was able to download the contents of all four blogs. Thankfully. I imported one blog – Rusty Camera – to WordPress, where I receive more feedback than I ever did on Posterous.

My primary blog – BelRedRoad – was moved to WordPress not long after.

Although I was able to download an archive of the original Posterous BelRedRoad blog, I cannot open it due to an error.  It means that I can’t extract any of it, and that I must start over.


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