Cadillac In The Wasteland [1979]


In the late 1970s I had a paperback book named Car Sinister, which was a collection of short sci-fi stories that were focused on cars. In one of the stories a car got pregnant, and the offspring looked like two different ones. Another story – which gave the book its title – was about a car that ruled the desert and attacked all who came within driving distance. I don’t remember much else about the book.

But I remember the cover.

It looked like my drawing above from 1979. The cover was of course better than my rendition, but in any case I wanted to draw it for myself. My version was done in pencil on the back of recycled paper from my Mom’s office – presumably some kind of ballot for a committee meeting.  I made the headlights into eyes.  The hood louvers were based on the design from a 1966 Chevy Malibu SS.  In art class at the time, we had been working on perspective; this was perfect subject matter for practice.

The mid-50s Cadillac remains one of my all-time favorite cars.

I would own one today; two-door, four-door, hearse, airport taxi – doesn’t matter. That front end design with its huge bulby bumpers and egg-crate grill are part of classic American design. Yes, they were heavy. Yes, they were somewhat underpowered. But drive up to an event in one even today and you will get a response. Usually favorable.

Maybe not so much, if it’s packing heat like Car Sinister though!



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