Frogs In The Closet

“I don’t want it in the house anymore.”

“What’s that?” I asked after responding to her caregiver bell.

“The animal. It escaped and it’s somewhere in the house.”

My mother-in-law had been watching a TV news report about frogs escaping from a cage, just as she was waking from a nap. Certain it was in the neighborhood due to hardcore medicine and serious health issues, she insisted that we get rid of the animal which had invaded our home.

“Where do you think it might have gone?” I asked.

“Over there,” she replied pointing to the closet. I looked around and saw no frogs.

“Pretty sure the animal is gone,” I said. “But I have an idea.” I went down the hall and grabbed Lily the Seven-Toed polydactyl kitty and brought her into the bedroom. “I’m going have her sniff around. If there’s any animal here, Lily will find it. Polydactyls are the best hunters ever.”

Lily stared into the closet and sniffed around the shoeboxes a bit. She then moved nonchalantly towards the center of the room and quietly exited down the hall and back to her nap.

“Looks like the animal’s gone,” I said.

“Good,” she replied. “Because if I find it I’m throwing it out the window.”

As well you should Jan. As well you should.


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