When Snacks Go Bad


“Dad, can I have a snack? Like Wheat Thins?”

Jack was hungry after dinner. He and David regularly ask for snacks in the evening. I grabbed the Wheat Thins off the shelf; inside were the straggling remains of a box, testament to the popularity of the crackers in our house. I grabbed a bowl and poured the final crackers in

Then the box called out to me.

It was going to the recycle bin anyway, so I answered its muffled yells for purpose. The Wheat Thins box needed a mouth, so I cut around the “Wheat” to make teeth. He needed eyes, so I cut two triangles above the Wheat Thins Nose to give him site. He needed expression, so I cut more triangles above the eyes to give the forehead character.

Then he got hair.

I cut the box tops to form licks of fire. The end result was actually creepier than I thought it would be. I will never eat – or look at – Wheat Thins the same again!